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Keer Operation Simplicity

Today the industry's trend is to move away from manual to production that is based on automation and to scale fast as possible. To do this the industries automate a large number of systems from their production lines, all the way to access control, camera surveillance, and alarm systems

Keer "Plug and plays" patent pending changes the world in this vector, BYOH (bring your own hardware) is our new digital revolution, Keer solution is a vendor agnostic that save you time and money

No need to “rip and replaces”, Keer will provide you all innovation based on software only, using and your current install-based. Protecting your investment.

Today the management system of the building, the access control controls, cameras and alarms are mostly done manually, the factories do not have the ability to automate these components due to outdated systems that are deployed in all the factories (expensive replacement or takes a very long time). Keer introduce a unified platform that can manage and secure every space, control and manage and access control, camera surveillance and, alarm systems, anywhere, anytime with one platform. 1) Treatment of an outside workers - contractor workers/truck drivers/cleaning workers/guests: allows you to do everything related to managing safety training (without this training that contractor/employee don't have permission to enter the complex), Keer saves time and money by automating the whole process

2) Fault handling - Keer performs automatic fault repair for the various components that we monitor and operate, thus preventing delays in the times of the workers and the production (Facebook event for example) 3) Automation of goods transitions

Today, supplier management (receiving goods for logistic centers and exporting goods) is not a simple business, you need to manage this event well. With Keer it can be made fully automatic, for example when a carrier arrives it passes through the LPR and enters the warehouse protected by entry and alarms and cameras unload goods, and exits the complex, Keer can manage this whole process automatically from entry to unloading to exit from the complex while monitoring Supplier to see that everything is provided properly (bounce cameras cancel the alarm and open door and reverse when it comes out), Keer can save logistic centers the operating costs both in manpower and delivery speed.

We will be happy to connect to share more on the team, the spirit and the solution.

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