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Advanced Physical Security Platform for Hospitals

The Loophole

Hackers can easily duplicate your smart card, attack your physical infrastructure or use your employees

Hackers can use the physical layer to create a Cyber-attack on your DC.

they can steal mobile equipment crucial information and simply change the policy from inside

Hackers and healthcare employee misuse and theft of equipment totaled $364 million this year (2020)

Keer's advanced Access Control as a Service “Zero-trust” Solution allows customer to use ghost biometric without changing any hardware, End Point Protection protect their physical infrastructure against any Zero-day attack.

Decision Making Based AI/ML Infrastructure, Permission group automation, Keer's algorithms catches improper use of credentials / credentials duplications / intruders

Meanwhile, the Cardlatch Access Control unified “management umbrella” will only...

allowing for a clear and precise situational awareness, enabling immediate actions by the Chief Security in order to protect on any precious data, expensive personal equipment or

personnel within the facility.

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